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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Special questions

Since this week's Saturday Special is food-themed, I thought I'd post it here on my cooking blog. If you've just come for the Saturday Special, you can check out my main blog HERE.
~It's Dinner Time~
1. Standard Oven or Microwave?: Both! I use the microwave daily, sometimes just to defrost meat, sometimes to cook things. I use the oven about every other day.
2. Fry or Bake?: Bake. I rarely fry things anymore, though once in a while there's nothing better than a fried pork chop.
3. Cooking or Fast Food Meals? Why?: Again, both. I love to cook, but some days, we're on the run. Also, we're Taco Bell regulars. I can make several copycat versions of their food (these copycat Beef Meximelts are awesome) but since there's a Taco Bell about a mile away, we zip through there on a regular basis.
4. Sit Down or On The Run Dinners?:
Lately, it seems like they've all been on the run. But next week we'll have some big schedule changes in our house, so I'm looking forward to a lot more sit-down family dinners. :)

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Gellianne said...

Hi! We sort of have the same answers!Nice meeting you here/