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Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 1/28

I didn't get to my menu planning on Sunday like I usually do, so this is a quick draft that may change later in the week. :)

Recipes are marked "new recipe" or TNT= Tried & True!

TUESDAY: *new recipe* Simple Chicken Pot Pie, fruit salad
WEDNESDAY: *TNT* Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed mixed veggies
THURSDAY: *new recipe* Broccoli Chicken Lasagna, garlic bread (If that looks familiar, it's because it's been on my menu the last two weeks and we STILL haven't gotten to it. This week we're having it for sure!)
FRIDAY: *new recipe* Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, peas
SATURDAY: Open, as usual, for skipped meals or eating out.

Oh! And I have a favor to ask.... somebody, somewhere in the blogosphere, recently posted a delicious-looking photo and recipe for oatmeal muffins with cinnamon. I thought I had saved the recipe, but I didn't. If you've seen this and can point me back to it, I'd be grateful! :)

Head on over to I'm An Organizing Junkie to share your menu
or see what others are eating this week!


Sharon said...

You always have appealing new recipes to try. :)
I wish I knew of the oatmeal muffin recipe-sounds delicious!
I'll check back to see if hopefully someone posts it. lol
Have a great week!
BTW, are you still doing WW?

Cynthia Matzat said...

Your menu looks great. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Sorry I can't help you with the muffin recipe you are looking for, but I do have a bunch of muffin recipes posted on my blog.

Have a great week.

Cynthia - What's for Dinner?