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Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 7/28

It's county fair week, which means that I'm working weird hours so I can take my nursing home residents to the fair. My youngest sister is staying here with the kids several times this week, so I'm trying to plan easy meals that she'll be able to feed them with a minimum of whining (kids) and effort (her). The notes after the meal plans are my efforts at planning "out loud" to get things coordinated. :)

MONDAY: buffalo chicken breasts, our favorite macaroni & cheese with stewed tomatoes (The macaroni was added in due to the breakfast request of my 2 year-old... "Mackawoni, Mommy? Mackawoni?" this morning... how could I deny such a sweet request?!?) and tossed salad

TUESDAY: family favorite meatloaf muffins, leftover macaroni & cheese, salad

WEDNESDAY: chicken breasts with salsa and taco seasoning in the crockpot (For me to prep in the morning and leave for the family to turn into soft tacos while I'm at work in the evening.)

THURSDAY: most likely a heat & eat frozen dinner (I'm working until 10pm Wednesday night and have to be in early Thursday morning- it's doubtful I'll get anything else prepped!)

FRIDAY: this yummy tried and true Chicken Pot Pie (I work in the AM but will be home by 3pm.)

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Clara said...

Love your meatloaf muffin idea. I make my meatloaf into burgers. Sometime we even put them into buns.

Come and see mine here.